Monday, August 28, 2006

Thousands upon Thousands of Books

I've never been to one, but on Saturday, September 9, Christian Book Distributors (see link on right) is having one of their four annual warehouse sales at their HQ in Peabody, Mass. I'd be kind of scared to go; there are so many books I want, especially commentary sets, that I wouldn't know where to begin. Oh, not to mention the $$ factor.
CBD needs to empty out thousands of books to make room for new inventory, so some of the prices are practically give-away. For example, Calvin's commentaries, a 22 volume set, is published by Baker and the retail price is $1,000 US. But not at CBD! They charge $99.99!! To give you an example of how huge the warehouse sale is, here's some warnings from the website and tips on preparing:

"Take a few minutes to jot down the titles AND stock numbers of the specific products that you want to locate at the sale. CBD staff at computer stations will then be able to quickly print out the warehouse locations of your books, saving you time and energy!
Plan on spending the day. Eat a hearty breakfast, dress in layers, and wear comfortable shoes. Many folks find it easier to leave their little ones at home. Make sure you bring along totes to help you carry your wonderful "finds" more easily."

It starts at 7:00am and I heartell of people lined up outside in the wee hours ready to fight at the bargain tables.