Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Adam's Race

I am literally sick and deeply disturbed by people who claim to be Christians, even Reformed Christians, who are so carnal, ignorant, and just plainly deceived, that they uphold a philosophy of racism. For several years now I have been aware of a site called Little Geneva. Not only do they perpetually betray themsleves as morons, they are the worst theologians I've ever seen!

I wish I could brush them off as some fringe group of toothless rednecks, not worth a response. But their dragnet has scooped up so many Christians that they are now a semi-semi-mainstream group of toothless rednecks. We should all pray that churches would discipline such people.

Racism defined is simply a belief that races exist, which is Darwinian through and through. Let's argue about cultures if you want. Let's discuss the superiority and inferiority of various cultures. But there is only one race according to Scripture, and it is the benai Adam, sons of Adam. There are different ethnic groups. Different national identities. The Babel incident provoked God to separate all of humanity lingusitically. Ok, let's debate English language supremacy. But races do not exist. And even if they did, White Anglos couldn't be further from a Mesopotamian/Edenic gene pool.

I do believe that there are specific marks of a Christian culture: monogamy, sanctity of life, modesty, patriarchal nuclear family, etc. Thus, tribes in Africa that practice the opposite of these, I would say, are an inferior and poor culture. I do not believe in a sort of anthropological relativism tha is toted today in the UN. I believe that when missionaries were teaching a so-called "Western" style of music to the heathen it was actually a Christian style, having been developed over almost two millennia of Christian worship. And yes, I'm a proponent of Christian supremacy, as God decreed. The Old Testament saints were prohibitted intermarriage always due to RELIGION. When the Faith was national, as it was for Israel, then marrying outside of Israel obviously is being unequally yoked. Now that the Faith transcends national/ethnic boundaries (Matt 28:19) the problem is not ethnic intermarriage, but marrying a non-Christian.

To even acknowledge separate races of mankind implicates a belief in evolution, which of course these "Christian" racists would deny whole-heartedly. Christianity is not a white religion. It's a semitic one. To be derogatory towards Jews just because they are Jews makes me wonder if these fools all have pictures of Euro Jesus on their walls, you know, the Salvador Dali blonde, blue-eyed, clean shaven edition of Yeshua (Oh wait, these folks probably also interpret the second commandment to prohibit the representation of human Jesus).

Now I know they would all call me a Yankee with some warped transcendentalist, Boston Brahmin worldview. But I guess that's ok, seeing that I called them toothless trailerpark hicks. I don't want to hurt their feelings any more than I already have, but if "y'all" knew how to read good, you should try reading the Bible some day.