Sunday, April 09, 2006

"What a Friend We Have in Judas"?

My title is actually taken from a newspaper headline (question mark mine). Tonight, Sunday, at 8:00 there is a feature documentary on the so called Gospel of Judas. I really want to see it but it's on the National Geographic Channel, which I don't have. A lot of it is a reenactment of Jesus and Judas, Church history and fathers (see photo of Christians being persecuted below), and the discovery of the papyrus book. Of course they also show how they've translated it and dated it, as well as interviews with all the scholars involved. I wanted to see it, mainly because Dr. Craig Evans is one of the official interpreters and is on the show. I have had the privilage of many conversations with him over the last few years, not only at ABU, but in Ottawa when he was speaking at the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibition. There is, however, a good preview video of tonight's show, and Craig Evans is on near the end of the clip, saying, "I don't think 'Judas' contains authentic historical Jesus and Judas tradition." Watch it here.