Monday, April 10, 2006

More Judas Information

There is a thorough overview of the Judas gospel contained in video interviews with its four key interpreters: Craig Evans, Marvin Meyer, Bart Ehrman, and Elaine Pagels (each expert having 6 video clips). They all have good things to say, although some may not be Christians. They all see the value of the document in that it provides a look at the diversity of the early Christian community, i.e. Gnosticism. No one really sees it as an authentic record of Jesus or Judas, but more as a glimpse into 2nd century gnostic theology. Evans gives a good defense of the reliability of the four canonical gospels we have, where they are evidentially the earliest histories and memories of Jesus. The gnostic gospels insert later ideologies into the mouths of Jesus and the disciples. The videos are worth watching.