Wednesday, March 15, 2006

New Blogs

or, new to the Wicket Gate. Several deserve to be linked on my blogroll, so here we go. Introducing (in a non-exhaustive, linked-as-I-think-of-them sort of way):

& Miscellaneous websites:

  • Middleborough, MA- my hometown, settled in the 1620's.
  • Patrica, Italia - my Old World hometown, settled thousands of years ago. Enjoy the virtual tour
  • Virtual Oxford- a fantastic 3D panoramic tour of almost every corner of the ancient university city. It feels like I'm back, but without the cucumber sandwiches and 500 year old library books.
  • Samuel Adams - America's world-class brewery, Boston. The only American brewer that meets Germany's strict beer purity standards.
  • Slow Food USA- an Italian-founded international association reacting to the disgusting and pathetic culture of fast food.