Thursday, February 09, 2006


I need to say this. Most people who bother looking at my blog know me. And by knowing me, they know my personality. I like to provoke reactions, and not always "walk on eggshells" around issues. I don't say things out of ignorance (most of the time) and neither do I mean to belittle other people. Once in a while I post something that I know will generate discussion.

My jeremiad on the global warming theory was one of those sure winners. I definitely received what I predicted, but on a greater scale, as many of my Canadian friends weighed in on the debate. Although I've been accused of stupidity in having this opinion, which many thousands of scientists hold to be true, I'm no less convinced than when I started. Call it stubbornness. By the way, what would I possibly have to gain by not believing in global warming unless I just believe otherwise based on the legitimate science I've seen?

My biggest concern here is the rhetoric that people have used against me. I'm not attacking what you said, I'm just saying that we hear these same arguments from those who hold to evolution and Darwinism. So I guess I'm just saying that, should we buy into any scientific theory beacuse of the following rhetoric? If yes, then none of us should be Creationists because a seeming "consensus" of scientists believe otherwise.

  • "I am very suprised that you just seem to look past this evidence."
  • "I believe that you should be aware that quite probably a much larger number of reputable scientists contribute to organizations such as this than the few that you have found to back up your beliefs."
  • "Lots of scientists have said global warming is extremely real. In fact, I think most scientists have made such conclusions. Those who deny it are the exception."
  • "I think that this is clearly an example of someone who wants what they believe to be made true."
  • "I am deeply saddened by the mentality of ignorance that you have subscribed to."

Whether global warming be true or not, as a Christian I must never follow a broad path just because it's broad. But I'll follow it if it's true, broad or not. But in this present case, I am still not convinced of its truth.