Saturday, January 07, 2006

You might be a Redneck Arminian if…

…you hear “Irresistible Grace” and think of your cousin
.…there is a fiddle accompaniment with Just as I Am
.…your exegesis consists of having 2 Peter 3:9 tattooed on your arm
.…when you hear “RC” you think of Cola
.…you think that supralapsarian is a newly breed dog
.…you possess more Charles Finney books than teeth
.…when the preacher mentions that we are but lumps of clay, you think of Mud Bogs
.…you hear someone say Ordo Salutis and think they had too much moonshine
.…you think “Spurgeon” is something you catch with rod & reel from your brother-in-law’s boat.…when you hear the Institutes you think of where many of your relatives live
.…“The Chief End of Man” is where you end up after “The Fall of Man.”
…you think that “Limited Atonement” is a single barrel shotgun
.…you purchase your Dave Hunt books through the Home Shopping Network
.…when you hear “five points” it reminds you of your average monthly reduction in your driver’s record
.…you have a bumper sticker on your truck that says, “If there ain’t free will in heaven, I don’t want to go.”
Courtesy of Alan Kurschner (Calvinist Gadfly)!
(Borrowed from the Dead Theologians Club)