Saturday, January 14, 2006

Pope = Shady Character

It sounds like a chapter in a Dan Brown novel. The Vatican. The dark of night. A disguised pontiff sneaks through the shadows and outside the Vatican walls. Why has Pope Benedict been dressing in plain black priest clothes and hat and sneaking through the back streets of Rome? He ends up at his old residence hall at 1 Piazza Citta Leonina where he lived for 24 years with other church officials. To visit old buddies, you say. Well, followed by his private secretary Don Georg Gaenswein, Pope Benedict, disguised with head down, passes the Vatican security guard and opens the door himself and then tiptoes inside, seemingly not chatting with old roommates. He spends several hours there. This has been happening over the past several weeks, according to the Italian newspaper La Stampa. What is the Pope doing under cover of darkness? He can visit friends anywhere at anytime. Maybe we'll never know. But it makes for intriguing speculation and adds to the secret mysteries that have haunted the ancient walled city for a thousand years.