Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Disney's Lion of Judah

So we saw it last night. It was excellent. I was extremely impressed at the content of the film. It was so close to the book, both in script and visually, that Emily and I felt that we had seen the movie before! Very little dialogue was removed, and actually, one particularly theological line was added. When the White Witch started to lecture Aslan on the due punishment (a blood sacrifice) of treason (sin) according to the Old Magic (Old Testament), Aslan cut her off, saying, "Don't talk to me about the Old Magic, I was there when it was written!" There was no such line in the book, but boy did it strengthen the doctrine. I have to say that I am impressed with the writers who faithfully presented C.S. Lewis in a pure way. They deserve applause.

They did leave out reference to the Emperor-over-the-sea, Aslan's father, who is obviously God the Father. I also think, after seeing the movie, that Father Christmas is supposed to be the Holy Spirit, who empowers the children with gifts. Anyway... we can debate Narnian trinitarianism later.

By the way, did you know that Narnia is in Italy?? After Lewis died, people discovered that he had "Narnia" underlined in his atlas. It's an actual small town north of Rome! Today it's called Narni, but the old name is Narnia, as you can see on the ancient map. I read the other day that a local furniture maker in the village is boosting his production of wardrobes before the Italian premiere, because they all expect an increase in tourism. The mayor wants all shops to have Narnian style window displays, as well as have a big festival.

I knew it. Once again it's proven that everything wonderful - art, architecture, sculpture, music, the telescope, viticulture (wine), me, the jacuzzi, ice cream, the piano, violin, cello, pasta, navigation, paved roads, the telephone, me, the corkscrew, concrete, the radio, the zamboni (sorry Canadians), espresso, eyeglasses, the parachute, the thermometer, the heliocentric universe, the typewriter, me, wireless telegraphy, and now Narnia! - originates in Italy. Viva Italia! and Narnia!