Thursday, November 03, 2005

Welcome to a New Blogger

I am pleased to introduce a brand new blogger to blogging culture, my very good friend Mr. David Graves. Formerly a pastor of a Reformed Baptist church in New Brunswick, David is a professor and the Director of Computer Services and Information Security Officer at Atlantic Baptist University. He is the founder of Electronic Christian Media and author of The Scroll, Multimedia Study Bible. The company eGames now produces an edition of the program, calling it The Biblical Scroll and it is distributed in many stores across North America. On this latest version I actually have photograph credits for my pictures of Pompeii! The program is a wondeful tool, equipped with thousands of photos, animated maps, video, sound, background info on the historical, geographical and cultural context to all parts of the Bible, from creation myths to coins. It also includes Matthew Henry's commentary on the Bible and Spurgeon's Catechism and Quiz Game. The Scroll is great for kids and adults and a perfect Christmas gift. I have several copies myself.

David has been in the news a lot lately as he was recently appointed the Director of Operations for The Archaeological Imaging Research Consortium(ArcImaging), which is planning a scientific expedition to the peak of Mt. Ararat in Turkey. He's doing all of this while currently writing his PhD thesis for the University of Aberdeen (Scotland). But you can read all about these things on his new blog, Deus Artefacta. If you like archaeology and its biblical relevance, and don't mind getting sand in everything, check out the site and join the fun!