Monday, November 07, 2005

Both Catholics and "DaVinci Code" Proved Wrong

Read the new post on Deus Artefacta, "Earliest Christian Church Found ." It is amazing that on Reformation Day, Oct. 30-31, when Luther protested Roman Catholic practice, we have discovered on its anniversary in 2005 the oldest Christian church perhaps in the world, and it contradicts Romanistic teaching. See articles and pictures on Deus Artefactica. The church is believed to be 1700 years old and was found by prisoners in a prison at Megiddo, Israel (Armageddon) while they were working to expand the prison. Amid mosaics of the fish symbol and and other things, there are two significant finds that accomplish what I describe in my title. Firstly, there is a table accompanied by a description of folks who donated the table, which was used for celebrating the Lord's Supper. Why is this so significant? Well, it wasn't until the Byzantine period that tables were replaced with altars, which accompanied the unbiblical doctrine that we were not simply remembering Christ's sacrifice with the bread and wine, but we were now actually performing Christ's sacrifice on an altar. This of course is heretical, to repeat the killing of Christ on an altar every day or week for our sins. The Table represents the memory of a one-time, all sufficient atonement. The fact that the oldest church in the world has -not an altar- but a communion Table, proves once again, that the Roman Catholic church is off the mark and inconsistent with apostolic tradition. The other significant artifact is an inscription in a mosaic which says in Greek, "the God Jesus Christ." So? What's so great about that? Christians always believed that Jesus is God. Tell that to most liberal scholars and disciples of the DaVinci Code cult. Dan Brown, in his best-selling novel falsely claims as fact that no one believed Jesus was divine until the 300's when Constantine legalized Christianity, and the deity of Christ popped up out of nowhere. The book says, "Everything our fathers taught us about Christ is false" and that the "greatest story ever told was really the greatest story ever sold." Well, I'm sorry to say that not only do his disciples and Paul proclaim the deity of Christ but the oldest church in the world from the third century, long before Constantine, proclaimed that Jesus Christ was God. And once again, truth triumphs over fantasy when shovels and brushes reveal that both the Catholic Mass and antichrist fiction novels are misinformed.