Friday, October 21, 2005

What Are the Odds?

TRUE STORY: Friday, 10-14-05, a SUBWAY owner -Emily's boss- gets a call from Airport Security at Ottawa International Airport. They tell him, "We have a man here trying to board an airplane with a SUBWAY sub and he has a knife in his sandwich. He claims it is not his. Could you please describe the knives you use at your store." After describing the knives to the security officers, they thanked him and said they just wanted to confirm that the knife indeed was from Subway.


1)The customer, of all people it could of happened to, purchased a sub at a store at one end of the city on his way to the airport way on the other end of Ottawa,
2)A new employee at that particular SUBWAY accidentally included a knife with the sub, and
3)That man happened to be boarding an airplane before eating his sub. What are the odds?

That poor guy has a story to tell for years to come and, apparently, so do I.