Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Highest Judge on Earth (next to the pope)

At the confirmatioin hearing for Judge Roberts yesterday (Bush's nominee for Chief Justice of the Supreme Court) Sen. Schumer, a liberal (Jewish) New York Democrat told Roberts that there is not a position in the nation with as "awesome" a responsibility as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. He went on to say that "not in the way my teenage daughter uses the word 'awesome' but in the Biblical sense of angels trembling before the presence of God." Truly though, Judge Roberts' lifetime appointment will give him a seat that will shape America until perhaps 2040-45. That is incredible. He could overturn Rowe v. Wade and illegalize abortion, illegalize gay marriage, and who knows what else? There's only been 16 chief justices since 1789, and we're witnessing history unfold as the United States is about to see some serious changes.