Thursday, September 08, 2005


The following message refers to a comment given by Evelyn (see archives) on whether or not she has decided that the phrase 'God blog you' is blasphemous or not.
Evelyn, we'd all be in trouble if it was up to us to decide what was blasphemous or not. I mean, there are so many ways we blaspheme without thinking. Saying a post-sneeze 'Godblessyou'- I strongly believe- is taking the Lord's name in vain, i.e. sputtering off His name as a reflex without reverence. I prefer to use the Italian "Salute'(suh-LOO-tay) which simply refers to the sneezer's health, similar to the German 'Gesundheit'or Spanish 'Salud'. Now, there's another Spanish sinus-invocation, which takes blasphemy to a ridiculously obvious level with (now try to picture this dialogue on some Latino lanscaping crew in Florida) Juan: "Achoo!!" Pepito: "Jesus!" (hay-SOOS). I mean, I wouldn't know if Pepito was strongly desiring to bless his amigo or he was just swearing because he got sprayed on.